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The Shape of Story

  • Hollywood Theatre (map)
  • 4122 NE Sandy Blvd
  • Portland, OR 97212
  • USA

"The Shape of Story" is a technological framework designed to capture and visualize audience feedback in a theater setting. When coupled with content that encourages civic engagement, this technology has the potential to advance the role of journalism to share stories and information and to identify potential shifts in sentiments. Within a moderated setting, this framework can facilitate conversation and discourse to empower the community to have a voice on a local or national issue.

We hope to achieve this with a Design Week Portland event in conjunction with the Hollywood Theatre, University of Oregon's Master's Program in Multimedia, The Oregonian, and Oregon Public Broadcasting. The big screen will project short docs from U of O's J-school along with 10 visual profiles from The Oregonian's Jamie Francis and 5 audio stories from OPB.

Between showings of the short films, audience members will be encouraged to share their reactions to what they've seen through a smartphone-enabled web application. The big screen will show a live view of how the audience is responding. The audience reacts by responding yes/no to statements, answering multiple choice questions, moving sliders across a spectrum, or indicating opinion through an X/Y diagram.

A moderated Q&A and discussion will follow, structured around the responses from the audience.

All proceeds from this event will go to the Hollywood Theatre.

Admission is $8. 


Second Story


Event listed in cooperation with our partners at Design Week Portland.  Visit Design Week Portland for more information and a full list of DWP events!