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Ziba Panel Series: The Future of Retail

  • Ziba Auditorium (map)
  • 810 NW Marshall St
  • Portland, OR 97209
  • USA

People inherently love shopping, and the reasons why are clear: as an activity, it appeals to fundamental aspects of human nature, the hunter-gatherer in us all. Whether in person or digitally, shopping provides discovery, drama, gratification, even transformation, all on demand.

Businesses of all kinds are considering a shift from the commodity-oriented selling of goods to a more service-oriented selling of experiences. How will designers play a role in shaping retail’s future, and designing for it?

Some changes on the near horizon will benefit customers, and others businesses. Sales platforms and delivery channels are in flux, for example, with the rise of omnichannel and 3D printing affecting how and when people shop. Changes in manufacturing and customer data management are impacting trends cycles and inventories, on the other hand, with profound implications for business margins and bottom lines.

As part of a panel experts, Ziba creative director Jon Irick will discuss these and other issues pertaining to the future of retail. Irick has worked recently on global retail-focused innovation and experience design projects for clients like Reebok, adidas and Charles Schwab.

Admission is free. 


Ziba Design

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